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Q1. What is bulksms?

ANSWER: Bulksms is a short message service, sent to our phones in form of text message.

Q2. Why do I need bulksms?

ANSWER: Bulksms is the cheapest and simplest way to send messages to a large number of people at the same time, with a customised sender id.

Q3. How much does your bulksms cost?

ANSWER: Our Bulksms cost between =N=1.90k and 0.85k.

Q4. Does your bulksms expire?

ANSWER: No your SMS Units will never expire.

Q5. Which phone number format do I use to send bulksms?

ANSWER: You can use "23480, +23480, 080" format to send bulksms.

Q6.Can I copy the numbers from microsoft?

ANSWER: Absolutely Yes.

Q7. I do not want to type the phone numbers always. What do I do?

ANSWER: Simply type the numbers in notepad and upload them through your phonebook.

Q8.What happens if my message do not get delivered?

ANSWER: If you send a message and it does not get delivered, simply call us after 24 hrs and we refund your units to you. Maximum is 100 units.

Q9. Isent a message but it showed failed.

ANSWER: During downtime, messages are not sent. This is in order to promote transparency, our system do not charge you for unsent messages.

Q10. sent a message 10 mins ago, but it has not been delivered.

ANSWER: Due to network congestion, there may be slight delays in the delivery of messages . This usually rarely occurs.

Q11. I registered on your site and have not received my pin yet.

ANSWER: We are sorry to hear about this,call us to retrieve your pin for you.

Q12. How do I pay for bulksms?

ANSWER: Click on pricing and you will find our payment details there. After that, you can go to the bank to pay.

Q13. Can I transfer units to another member?

ANSWER: Yes you can.

Q14. Can I login with my details on my phone?

ANSWER: Yes you can contact us and we would send you the blackberry app to install on you blackberry. Android, IOS and PC version coming soon



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