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How to Back-Up your SMS website

How to create a backup of your website and restore it?

You can conceive a backup of your Website rather easily. Account backups can be done utilising the cPanel -> Backups functionality for your hosting account. If your account is not too large  in size (under 500Mb) you can perform a full account backup just with one click.

If the account is too large (over 500Mb), Backing up the public html files and the databases should be done individually. In this case you would need to understand what your web Website comprises of and therefore what should be backed up/restored. Sites comprise of public html files and database. You should take them all if you want to have your site precisely the way it has been before.

How to backup/restore your public html files?

To backup your public html files, you should download all the files from your public_html folder to your computer using your very popular FTP client. After that you can effortlessly upload back the public html files to your hosting account and your website will be refurbished.

Exporting MySQL : ..How to backup MySQL database?

You can easily create an dump file(export/backup) of a database used by your account. In order to do so you should dump file to the phpMyAdmin

how to back up an sms website



The phpMyAdmin tool will be loaded.

choose the database that you would like to initiate a backup from the Database list (located in the top left corner of the sheet).

how to back up an sms website



A new sheet will be loaded in phpMyAdmin showing the chosen database. In order to advance with the backup click on the export tab:

how to back up an sms website



The choices that you should choose apart from the default ones are Save as file (which will save the file to your computer in an .sql format) and Add DROP TABLE (which will add the drop table functionality if the table already exist in the database backup) as shown below:

how to back up an sms website



Click on the proceed button to start the export/backup method for your database:

phpMyAdmin Go


A download window will burst up prompting for the exact Website where you would like to save the file on your computer. It is possible that the download begins automatically. This counts on your browser.

How to restore MySQL database from your backup

To restore (import) a database via phpMyAdmin, first select the first choose the database you'll be importing the data into. This can be done from the menu on the left. After which you click the import tab:

how to back up an sms website


You have the option of importing an .sql file. Choose the file from your computer.. If you are not certain about the character set your database is using just leave the default one.

how to back up an sms website


In order to start the restore click on the Go button at the bottom right. you will see a notification upon a successful database import.



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